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Why should software vendors decide where you manage your customer information?

We believe the role of software development is to build great software, not to impose false limitations on how you manage your data. With that in mind, TimeTrex offers two flexible deployment options: Cloud Hosted and On-Site. In talking with customers of all sizes, we have found that deployment decisions are made based on two criteria. The first concerns how comfortable companies are with having another company manage their payroll and time management assets. The second deals with the amount of IT expertise that resides within a company.

TimeTrex On-Site

Finally, for customers who would like to have their payroll and time management information managed by IT managers behind their firewalls, we offer TimeTrex On-Site, a deployment option that gives your team the maximum control to get the most out of your payroll and time management solution.

Payroll and Time Management Freedom

A fully functional payroll and time management system touches many parts of the business and thus must be integrated across multiple systems. It should not be held hostage in a vendor's data center where customers have to pay for the privilege of customizing their own data. With TimeTrex On-Site, customers are in control of how their payroll and time management application interacts with other core systems.

Payroll and Time Management Openness

With TimeTrex On-Site, IT Managers have full access to the source code written in PHP, a simple industry-standard programming language. This allows TimeTrex to be easily customized and integrated across the enterprise without third-party changes or an army of Java programmers.

Payroll and Time Management Value

Compare TimeTrex On-Site to other vendor offerings. Look at it from a feature, support and deployment perspective. Look at the price. Demo the application. Download the source code. We are confident you will like what you see.

Other Deployment Options

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