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Why should software vendors decide where you manage your employee information?

We believe the role of software development is to build great software, not to impose false limitations on how you manage your data. With that in mind, TimeTrex offers two flexible deployment options: Cloud Hosted and On-Site. In talking with customers of all sizes, we have found that deployment decisions are made based on two criteria. The first concerns how comfortable companies are with having another company manage their payroll and time management assets. The second deals with the amount of IT expertise that resides within a company.

TimeTrex Cloud Hosted

For companies who are comfortable with housing their employee information outside of their firewall and who do not have an IT staff to manage their payroll and time management system, TimeTrex offers dedicated hosting capabilities through TimeTrex Cloud Hosted that manages upgrades and maintenance. Customers receive all the benefits of hosted applications with the added flexibility to migrate from a hosted service to an on-site solution.

More Secure

With TimeTrex Cloud Hosted, we can get you up and running quickly, however ease of entry doesn't come at the cost of security. TimeTrex Cloud Hosted offers a more secure environment compared to other hosted payroll and time management solutions because the data, application and API's are managed independently.

More Transparent

Unlike closed, proprietary systems, TimeTrex Cloud Hosted does not constrain you to a limited number of integration points. Our visible code provides you with complete transparency into the application and the database, so that you can integrate employee data wherever it's needed to run your business. There are no hidden fees, no hidden costs and no hidden code.

More Flexible

As your business becomes more complex, one-size-fits-all hosted payroll and time management solutions may not suit your strategic goals. TimeTrex is the only cloud hosted payroll and time management solution on the market today that offers a seamless transition to an open source, on-site deployment. If your needs change down the road, your payroll and time management investment won't get left behind.



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