Biometric Facial Recognition

In today’s fast-paced world, accurate and convenient time-tracking is crucial for any organization. TimeTrex’s Biometric Facial Recognition system offers an unbeatable combination of top-of-the-line accuracy with user-friendly features. Eliminate buddy punching, reduce administrative overhead, and confidently manage your workforce like never before.

Electrician clock-in verified by TimeTrex

How It Works


The system quickly captures and stores initial facial data.


When employees clock in or out, a quick scan verifies their identity.


The system cross-references the scan with stored data for verification.


Instantly updates attendance records, fully integrated into your TimeTrex dashboard.

Nurse clocking in on a tablet using TimeTrex
Oil Rig worker clock-in accepted using TimeTrex on mobile
Lab worker clocking in on TimeTrex mobile
TimeTrex on iPhone mobile app

Benefits at a Glance

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