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TimeTrex transforms affordable, off-the-shelf tablets or phones into cutting-edge biometric facial recognition timeclocks. See it in action below…

Why Choose Our TimeClocks?

Transform any tablet or phone into a cutting-edge facial recognition timeclock. Perfectly designed for locations near entryways, high-traffic zones, or workshop areas where traditional devices fall short. It’s the go-to solution for teams constantly on the move or those traveling frequently.

Doctor clocking in using TimeTrex on mobile
Nurse clocking in on a tablet using TimeTrex

Upgrade Your Time Tracking

TimeClock Features

Construction worker clock-in on TimeTrex via tablet

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Time To Clock-In

Seamlessly track employee work hours, breaks, and time off with our intuitive time clock system.

Thousands of businesses across various industries trust TimeTrex’s Time Clock to streamline their workforce management.

Time & Attendance

Simplify the process of employee time tracking and ensure accurate payroll calculations.

Job Costing

Maximize profitability by identifying inefficiencies and optimizing workforce deployment.


Save time, reduce errors, and improve employee satisfaction with flexible scheduling.


Eliminate manual calculations and ensure accurate, on-time payments.

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Saving businesses time and money through better workforce management since 2003.

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