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Implementing a new Workforce Management system can seem overwhelming – but with TimeTrex, it’s a breeze. Our highly experienced Implementation Services team is your secret weapon, armed with industry-leading expertise and an extensive array of customizable support options. Whether you need assistance with start-up plans, application customization, data migration, or ongoing maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

New Customer Start-Up Plans

TimeTrex is dedicated to setting new customers on the fast track to success with their Workforce Management software. That's why we provide two special start-up plans at exceptional flat rates. Get off to a flying start and enjoy the ride as we navigate the initial hurdles together.

Effortless Installation Support

Why stress over technical setup when we can do it for you? Our Installation Support is designed to ensure a smooth and seamless TimeTrex installation. We can assist you along the way or take the wheel completely - you choose your level of involvement. With us, rest assured your system is in capable hands.

Initial Setup Support

TimeTrex is more than just getting your software running smoothly; we ensure it works perfectly for you. Our Initial Setup Support includes entering employee information, configuring policies, and setting up tax formulas specific to your location. We'll accompany you on a one-on-one phone session, guiding you through each step of the process, and fine-tuning all settings to match your preferences.

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