Bank Holidays

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IMPORTANT: When processing direct deposit transactions, for each holiday that falls between the day that you plan to process transactions and the pay period transaction date, you will need to process the transactions a day earlier.
Cutoff 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
11-Nov-21 (Thu) Remembrance Day
27-Dec-21 (Mon) Christmas Day
28-Dec-21 (Tue) Boxing Day
31-Dec-21 (Fri) New Years Day
15-Apr-22 (Fri) Good Friday
23-May-22 (Mon) Victoria Day
01-Jul-22 (Fri) Canada Day
05-Sep-22 (Mon) Labour Day
30-Sep-22 (Fri) Truth and Reconciliation Day
10-Oct-22 (Mon) Thanksgiving Day
11-Nov-22 (Fri) Remembrance Day
United States
Cutoff 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern
11-Nov-21 (Thu) Veterans Day
25-Nov-21 (Thu) Thanksgiving Day
25-Dec-21 (Sat) Christmas Day
01-Jan-22 (Sat) New Years Day
17-Jan-22 (Mon) Martin Luther King Day
21-Feb-22 (Mon) Presidents Day
30-May-22 (Mon) Memorial Day
04-Jul-22 (Mon) Independence Day
05-Sep-22 (Mon) Labour Day
10-Oct-22 (Mon) Columbus Day
11-Nov-22 (Fri) Veterans Day
24-Nov-22 (Thu) Thanksgiving Day