Simplify Your Expense Tracking and Reporting

Streamline Your Business’s Expense Management with Our Comprehensive, Cloud-Based Solution

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Effortless Expense Management

The journey from collecting to reimbursing is smoother than ever. With TimeTrex, channel every expense with precision — track, approve, reimburse. All in one unified flow.

Employee-Centric Tracking

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Dynamic Expense Policies

Integrated Payroll Excellence

Let approved expenses glide into the TimeTrex payroll system. The result? Automatic, hassle-free reimbursements, ensuring your team is compensated timely and accurately.

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Self-Administered Health Savings Account (HSA) Management

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Trusted by 3.2M+ Employees: 20 Years of Service Across Startups to Fortune 500 Enterprises

Join our ever-growing community of satisfied customers today and experience the unparalleled benefits of TimeTrex.

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Time To Clock-In

Efficient Expense Management Made Easy with TimeTrex Expense Management.

Discover the advantages of our comprehensive expense management software, designed to optimize your business operations.

Receipt Capture

Say goodbye to lost receipts and manual entry.

Expense Approval Workflow

Streamline your expense management and maintain control over spending.

Real-Time Reporting

Monitor and optimize your expenses with data-driven decisions.

Integration with Other Modules

Simplify your financial operations with a unified platform.

Saving businesses time and money through better workforce management since 2003.

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