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How to Use Our Free US Paycheck Calculator

TimeTrex’s United States free paycheck tax calculator is designed to provide an easy-to-navigate platform for accurate payroll tax calculations. Here’s how to use the dropdown menu to get the information you need:

Country and Province/State Selection:

  • Start by selecting your country and province/state from the dropdown menu to tailor the tax rates to your location.

Federal and Provincial Claim Amounts:

  • Enter the federal and provincial claim amounts as per your tax documents to ensure accurate withholding calculations.

Annual Pay Periods:

  • Specify the number of pay periods in a year to align the calculations with your payment schedule.

Gross Wage Per Pay Period:

  • Input the gross wage amount for each pay period before deductions.

Pay Date:

  • Select the pay date to synchronize the tax calculations with your pay schedule.


  • Click on the calculate button to get a detailed breakdown of your payroll taxes.

What is a Payroll or Paycheck Calculator?

A payroll or paycheck calculator is an essential tool designed to automate the calculation of employee wages. It takes into account various factors such as hours worked, tax rates, and other deductions to determine the net pay and taxes paid.

Common Paycheck Terms

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2022 - 2023 Income Tax Brackets

Single Filers

Taxable Income Rate
$0 - $10,27510%
$10,276 - $41,77512%
$41,776 - $89,07522%
$89,076 - $170,05024%
$170,051 - $215,95032%
$215,951 - $539,90035%

Married, Filing Jointly

Taxable Income Rate
$0 - $20,55010%
$20,551 - $83,55012%
$83,551 - $178,15022%
$178,151 - $340,10024%
$340,101 - $431,90032%
$431,901 - $647,85035%

Married, Filing Separately

Taxable Income Rate
$0 - $10,27510%
$10,276 - $41,77512%
$41,776 - $89,07522%
$89,076 - $170,05024%
$170,051 - $215,95032%
$215,951 - $323,92535%

Head of Household

Taxable Income Rate
$0 - $14,65010%
$14,651 - $55,90012%
$55,901 - $89,05022%
$89,051 - $170,05024%
$170,051 - $215,95032%
$215,951 - $539,90035%
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Quick Facts About Federal Paychecks

Understanding Income Tax Withholding

When you embark on a new job or receive a salary increase, calculating your actual take-home pay involves more than a straightforward multiplication of your hourly wage or a simple division of your annual salary. This complexity arises because your employer is required to withhold a portion of your earnings for taxes, which significantly impacts the net amount you receive. Understanding these deductions is crucial, and TimeTrex’s paycheck calculator is designed to simplify process for you.

Tax Withholding

This is the portion of your paycheck withheld for taxes, predominantly for income taxes. The federal government requires these withholdings throughout the year, and they’re based on the information you provide in your W-4 Form.

Exemption Criteria

To be exempt from federal income tax withholding, you must meet specific criteria, including having zero tax liability in the previous year and expecting the same for the current year.

Federal Top Income Tax Rate

Year Rate
2022 37.00%
2021 37.00%
2020 37.00%
2019 37.00%
2018 37.00%
2017 39.60%
2016 39.60%
2015 39.60%
2014 39.60%
2013 39.60%
2012 35.00%
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Federal Income Tax Rate Trends

*This document serves as an initial reference for understanding an employer’s responsibilities in managing their workforce. It is not an exhaustive guide on the subject. The document presents useful insights and is shared with the acknowledgement that this guide is not intended to be legal, tax or other specialized advice.

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