Free Payroll Tax Calculator

Straightforward steps to accurate payroll tax calculations

TimeTrex’s Free Payroll Tax Calculator is designed to provide an easy-to-navigate platform for accurate payroll tax calculations. Here’s how to use the dropdown menu to get the information you need:

Country and Province/State Selection:

  • Start by selecting your country and province/state from the dropdown menu to tailor the tax rates to your location.

Federal and Provincial Claim Amounts:

  • Enter the federal and provincial claim amounts as per your tax documents to ensure accurate withholding calculations.

Annual Pay Periods:

  • Specify the number of pay periods in a year to align the calculations with your payment schedule.

Gross Wage Per Pay Period:

  • Input the gross wage amount for each pay period before deductions.

Pay Date:

  • Select the pay date to synchronize the tax calculations with your pay schedule.


  • Click on the calculate button to get a detailed breakdown of your payroll taxes.
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