Timesheet Memes

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See Demo 1-800-714-5153 New Timesheet and Payroll Memes 2024 Have you ever found yourself staring at your timesheet, wondering how in the world you managed to lose track of those hours? Or perhaps you’ve felt that unique blend of excitement and dread when payday rolls around, only to find that payroll made a “tiny” mistake? […]


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See Demo 1-800-714-5153 SMART Goals: A Guide to Effective Goal-Setting Key Takeaways Understand the SMART Criteria SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Each criterion ensures that your goals are clear and attainable. Importance of Specific Goals Specific goals provide clarity and direction, eliminating ambiguity and making it easier to focus efforts. Measurable […]

Guide to Creating an Employee Attendance Write-Up

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See Demo 1-800-714-5153 Guide to Creating an Employee Attendance Write-Up Employee attendance is crucial for maintaining productivity and operational efficiency. Absenteeism and chronic tardiness disrupt workflow and place additional burdens on other team members. This comprehensive guide will help you create an effective employee attendance write-up, ensuring a professional approach to managing attendance issues. What […]


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See Demo 1-800-714-5153 COBRA: Health Coverage During Life Transitions Overview of Health Plans and Importance Health plans play a vital role in supporting the well-being of employees and their families. By providing access to essential medical services, these plans ensure that individuals can receive the necessary care to maintain their health, manage chronic conditions, and […]

Evening Shift Hours

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See Demo 1-800-714-5153 Evening Shift Hours: A Guide for Employers and Employees What Are Evening Shift Hours? Evening shift hours refer to a specific timeframe within a workday characterized by operations extending beyond conventional daylight hours. Unlike traditional morning shifts, which typically commence at the onset of the day, evening shifts commence later, bridging the […]

Scrum Sprints: 2024 Guide

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See Demo 1-800-714-5153 Scrum Sprints: A Quick Guide for 2024 What is a Scrum Sprint? A Scrum Sprint is a short, time-boxed period, typically lasting between one to four weeks, during which a self-organizing, cross-functional team collaborates to complete a predefined set of tasks from the product backlog. These tasks are chosen based on their […]

Business Days: Transactions & Schedules

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See Demo 1-800-714-5153 Business Days: Affecting Transactions and Schedules In our daily lives, whether managing personal affairs or navigating the professional world, the term “business day” frequently arises. This measure of time is not just a simple count of hours—it’s a cornerstone of scheduling for services, shipping, financial transactions, and much more. A business day […]

Data Security in HR and Payroll

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See Demo 1-800-714-5153 Ensuring Data Security in HR and Payroll: TimeTrex’s Commitment to Privacy The safeguarding of sensitive information has become essential for modern business, especially within the HR and payroll sectors. As these domains routinely handle personal and financial data, the stakes for maintaining stringent data security and privacy measures have never been higher. […]

How to Eliminate Buddy Punching in 2024

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See Demo 1-800-714-5153 A Guide to Stop Buddy Punching in 2024 Definition of Buddy Punching and Its Impact on Businesses Buddy punching occurs when an employee asks a colleague to clock in or out for them, essentially misrepresenting the time they start or finish work. This practice can happen across various sectors, particularly in jobs […]

9/80 Work Schedule Explained

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See Demo 1-800-714-5153 The 9/80 Work Schedule Explained What is the 9/80 Work Schedule The concept of work schedules has evolved significantly over the years, offering employees and employers flexibility and a better work-life balance. One such innovative scheduling model that has gained popularity is the 9/80 work schedule. This section delves into the definition, […]