The Best Time and Attendance Software of 2024

A blue ribbon award for time and attendance

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, optimizing team efficiency and managing labor costs are pivotal. Leveraging the right time and attendance software is a strategic move towards achieving these objectives. Given the myriad of software options available, pinpointing the perfect fit for your business necessitates a thorough analysis. To facilitate your decision-making, we present a list of the premier time and attendance software solutions for 2024.

Table: Top Time and Attendance Software Solutions of 2024

Company Pros Cons Pricing
TimeTrex Free tier available, Comprehensive features, Secure biometric sign-in, GPS tracking, Scalability, Intuitive use Limited advanced features on free plan Free; Premium plans start at $30 per month - Includes the first 10 employees ($3/user/month)
Clockify Free tier available, Easy to use, Versatile reporting Limited advanced features on free plan Free; Premium plans start at $4.99/user/month
Buddy Punch Robust time theft prevention, GPS tracking Costlier than some competitors Starts at $19/month + $4.99/user/month
QuickBooks Time Seamless QuickBooks integration, Real-time data Most expensive. Primarily tailored for QuickBooks users Starts at $30/month + $10/user/month
TimeSheets Easy integration with accounting software, Automated reminders Limited customization options Free (single user); Premium plans start at $5.50/user/month
ADP Comprehensive integration, Real-time dashboards Pricing can be high for small businesses Contact for details
Paychex Flexible solutions, Easy time off tracking May require customization for specific needs Contact for details
Deputy Excellent for scheduling, User-friendly interface No GPS integration Free; Premium plans start at $6/user/month
When I Work Great for shift scheduling, Mobile management No free plan offered Starting at $4/user/month
OnTheClock Budget-friendly, Easy setup No automated scheduling Free for up to 2 users; Paid plans available
Time Doctor Detailed analytics, Offline tracking Lacks GPS integration Starts at $7/user/month


TimeTrex stands out as the ultimate choice for businesses seeking a comprehensive workforce management solution in 2024. With its robust set of features, exceptional affordability, and flexibility to cater to a wide range of business needs, TimeTrex is not just a time and attendance software; it’s a holistic workforce management platform that empowers businesses to achieve greater operational efficiency and accuracy in payroll processing.

Standout Features

1. Flexible Time Tracking: TimeTrex offers a variety of time-tracking options, including biometric facial recognition time clocks, mobile apps with GPS location tracking, and web-based clocking. This flexibility ensures that businesses can accurately track employee time in a way that suits their operational requirements, whether their workforce is remote, on-site, or mobile.

2. Comprehensive Scheduling: Beyond time tracking, TimeTrex provides an advanced scheduling system that allows managers to create and manage employee schedules with ease. The system supports shift planning, including split shifts and rotations, making it easier for businesses to adapt to changing staffing needs. This feature is particularly beneficial for industries that require dynamic scheduling, such as healthcare, retail, and hospitality.

3. Payroll Integration: TimeTrex simplifies payroll processing with its integrated payroll system. The software automatically calculates wages based on tracked time, including overtime, holidays, and other pay rules. It supports electronic pay stubs and direct deposit, ensuring employees are paid accurately and on time. The system also handles tax calculations and reporting, making it easier for businesses to comply with regulatory requirements.

4. Leave Management: The platform includes a leave management system that automates the request and approval process for employee absences. It tracks accrued leave, balances, and enables employees to request time off directly through the system. This feature helps businesses manage PTO and sick leave efficiently, ensuring adequate staffing levels while respecting employee time-off rights.

5. Customizable Reporting: TimeTrex offers robust reporting capabilities, providing businesses with insights into labor costs, attendance patterns, and productivity. Reports are customizable, allowing businesses to analyze data that’s most relevant to their operational goals. This feature is crucial for strategic planning and optimizing workforce management practices.


TimeTrex distinguishes itself in the market through its affordability. It offers a scalable pricing model that caters to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises. The flexibility to choose only the modules and features needed allows businesses to control costs while benefiting from a comprehensive workforce management solution.

Catering to Diverse Business Needs

TimeTrex’s versatility makes it an ideal choice for a broad spectrum of industries. Whether a business operates in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, or any sector requiring precise time and attendance tracking, TimeTrex provides the tools necessary to manage their workforce effectively. Its adaptability to different business environments, coupled with the ability to handle complex scheduling and payroll requirements, ensures that TimeTrex can meet the unique challenges of any organization.

Pro Tip

Leverage Mobile Capabilities: Opt for software that offers a robust mobile app. This allows employees to clock in and out from anywhere, making it ideal for remote or field workers and providing managers with real-time data access.


As a standout solution in the realm of time and attendance software, Clockify presents itself as a robust option for businesses aiming for a good overall package. Known for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Clockify caters to the needs of freelancers, small businesses, and large enterprises alike. Its adaptability across various industries and team sizes makes it a versatile tool for tracking time, managing projects, and enhancing productivity.

Pricing and Free Trial

Clockify distinguishes itself with a highly competitive pricing model that includes a perpetually free tier, making it accessible to businesses and individuals operating on tight budgets. The free version offers unlimited users and projects, which is a rarity in the market. For teams requiring advanced features, Clockify offers several paid plans:

  • Plus: Designed for small teams looking for additional features, the Plus plan introduces advanced time tracking options and administrative controls.
  • Premium: Targeting mid-sized teams, the Premium plan further expands on functionality with project forecasting, time rounding, and priority support.
  • Enterprise: For large organizations seeking the utmost in functionality and security, the Enterprise plan offers single sign-on (SSO), custom subdomains, and dedicated support among other premium features.

Primary Features

1. Time Tracking: At its core, Clockify offers a straightforward and intuitive time tracking mechanism that allows users to start and stop timers with ease, or manually log hours for past activities. This flexibility ensures accurate recording of time spent on tasks and projects.

2. Project Management: Beyond time tracking, Clockify facilitates project management by allowing users to assign tasks, set project rates, and monitor progress. This integration of time tracking with project management aids in budgeting and productivity analysis.

3. Reports and Analytics: Clockify provides detailed reports and analytics, giving managers and team leaders insights into how time is spent. These reports can be customized and filtered to highlight the information most relevant to the user, supporting informed decision-making and strategic planning.

4. Team Scheduling: With the ability to schedule shifts and assign tasks, Clockify supports team coordination and helps ensure that projects are adequately staffed. This feature is particularly useful for businesses with variable staffing needs.

5. Integrations: Clockify integrates with a wide array of other tools and platforms, including project management software, calendars, and invoicing tools. This connectivity streamlines workflows and minimizes the need for manual data entry across systems.

Pro Tip

Integrate for Efficiency: Choose a system that integrates seamlessly with your existing payroll and HR software. This not only streamlines workflows but also ensures accuracy across systems, saving time and reducing errors in payroll processing.

Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch emerges as a potent solution in the landscape of time and attendance software, particularly distinguished for its robust measures in preventing time theft. It is engineered to cater to businesses of all sizes, aiming to enhance the accuracy of time tracking and ensure employees are compensated for the exact time they work. Through a suite of thoughtful features, Buddy Punch addresses common challenges related to time tracking, making it an ideal choice for employers seeking to mitigate time theft and foster a culture of accountability.


1. Biometric Login: Buddy Punch incorporates biometric login capabilities, including facial recognition and fingerprint scanning, to authenticate employee identities at clock-in and clock-out times. This advanced feature significantly reduces the potential for buddy punching and other forms of time theft.

2. GPS Tracking: For teams that work remotely or across multiple locations, Buddy Punch offers GPS tracking to verify employee locations when they clock in or out. This feature ensures that employees are where they need to be, providing an additional layer of accountability.

3. IP Address Locking: To further secure the time tracking process, Buddy Punch allows businesses to restrict clock-ins and clock-outs to specific IP addresses. This is particularly useful for ensuring employees are only clocking in from approved locations, such as the office or a designated worksite.

4. Time Card Approvals: With Buddy Punch, managers have the capability to review and approve time cards before processing payroll. This approval process adds a layer of oversight, allowing for the identification and correction of any discrepancies in recorded time.

5. Customizable Alerts: The platform offers customizable alerts for both employees and managers, such as notifications for when employees forget to clock in or out or when they are nearing overtime. These alerts help manage labor costs more effectively and ensure compliance with work schedules.


Buddy Punch’s pricing structure is designed to accommodate the varying needs of different businesses, with plans that scale according to the number of users and the required feature set. While specific pricing can vary, the general approach includes a tiered model:

  • Standard Plan: Offers basic time tracking and reporting functionalities, suitable for small teams looking for a straightforward solution.
  • Pro Plan: Includes advanced features such as GPS tracking, job costing, and additional integrations. This plan is geared towards businesses requiring more detailed insights and control over their workforce management.
  • Enterprise Solutions: For large organizations or those with unique requirements, Buddy Punch provides custom enterprise solutions. These packages are tailored to fit the specific needs of the business, including custom integrations and dedicated support.

Buddy Punch also offers a free trial, allowing potential users to explore its features and assess its fit with their operational needs before committing to a purchase. This trial period is a valuable opportunity to see firsthand how Buddy Punch can help prevent time theft and streamline time and attendance management.

Pro Tip

Prioritize User Experience: A user-friendly interface is crucial for both employees and managers. Software that’s easy to navigate increases adoption rates and reduces the learning curve, ultimately enhancing productivity and compliance.

QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time (formerly known as TSheets) is highly regarded in the realm of time and attendance software, particularly for its seamless integration with QuickBooks accounting software. This integration makes it the top pick for businesses already utilizing QuickBooks for their financial management needs. Designed to cater to a wide array of business sizes and industries, QuickBooks Time streamlines time tracking, payroll processing, and invoicing processes, making it an invaluable tool for enhancing operational efficiency and financial accuracy.


1. QuickBooks Integration: The hallmark of QuickBooks Time is its ability to integrate flawlessly with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. This integration simplifies the payroll process, as time tracked in QuickBooks Time can be directly transferred to QuickBooks for payroll, ensuring accuracy and saving time.

2. Real-Time Time Tracking: QuickBooks Time provides employees with easy-to-use time tracking that updates in real time. Employees can clock in and out using smartphones, computers, and even smartwatches, providing flexibility and ensuring accurate time recording.

3. GPS Tracking: For businesses with employees in the field, QuickBooks Time offers GPS tracking capabilities. This feature allows managers to see where employees are clocking in and out, enhancing accountability and improving job costing accuracy.

4. Scheduling and Shift Planning: QuickBooks Time includes a scheduling feature that enables managers to create and share schedules with employees, assign jobs, and make real-time adjustments. Employees receive notifications of their schedules, reducing miscommunications and ensuring adequate staffing.

5. Reporting and Insights: With advanced reporting capabilities, QuickBooks Time delivers insights into labor costs, project progress, and employee productivity. These reports can be customized and are instrumental in making informed business decisions.


QuickBooks Time offers a tiered pricing structure designed to accommodate the needs of various businesses, from small startups to large enterprises. The pricing model is subscription-based, with plans typically including:

  • Premium: Aimed at small to medium-sized businesses, the Premium plan includes time tracking, GPS tracking, and seamless integration with QuickBooks.
  • Elite: Designed for larger businesses or those requiring advanced features, the Elite plan adds on project tracking, timesheet signatures, and geofencing capabilities.

Each plan is structured to provide value for businesses at different stages of growth, with the pricing reflecting the number of users and the suite of features required. For current pricing details, it’s best to refer directly to the QuickBooks Time website, as prices and features may evolve.

Trial Period

QuickBooks Time offers a generous free trial period, allowing businesses to explore all of its features without any financial commitment. This trial period is typically 30 days, giving users ample time to assess how QuickBooks Time fits with their operational workflows and integrates with their existing QuickBooks accounting software.

Pro Tip

Customize to Fit Your Needs: Look for software that offers customizable features, such as creating specific pay rules, setting up unique overtime calculations, and tailoring break rules. This flexibility ensures the software can adapt to your specific business requirements.


Timesheets positions itself as the optimal time and attendance software solution for nonprofit organizations. Tailored to meet the unique challenges and budget constraints of the nonprofit sector, Timesheets offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to simplify time tracking, volunteer management, and payroll processes. Its user-friendly interface and scalable functionality make it a go-to choice for nonprofits looking to streamline operations and focus more on their mission rather than administrative tasks.

Feature Rundown

1. Time Tracking: Timesheets provides an intuitive time tracking system that allows employees and volunteers to easily log hours worked, either in real-time or after the fact. This flexibility ensures accurate recording of time, which is crucial for grant reporting, budgeting, and payroll.

2. Volunteer Management: Recognizing the critical role of volunteers in nonprofit operations, Timesheets includes features specifically designed for volunteer management. Organizations can track volunteer hours, assign tasks, and generate reports to recognize volunteer contributions and meet grant requirements.

3. Project and Grant Tracking: With Timesheets, nonprofits can assign time entries to specific projects or grants. This feature simplifies the process of tracking expenses and labor costs associated with individual funding sources, aiding in financial reporting and compliance.

4. Payroll Integration: Timesheets streamlines the payroll process by integrating with popular payroll providers. This ensures that hours worked are accurately reflected in payroll calculations, reducing errors and saving time during the payroll cycle.

5. Customizable Reports: The platform offers customizable reporting tools that enable nonprofits to generate detailed reports on hours worked, project expenses, and volunteer contributions. These insights are invaluable for internal review, donor reporting, and compliance with funding requirements.


Timesheets offers pricing plans that are sensitive to the budgetary constraints of nonprofit organizations. The pricing model is straightforward and scalable, allowing nonprofits to choose a plan that best fits their size and operational needs. While specific pricing may vary, Timesheets typically offers:

  • Basic Plan: A cost-effective option designed for small nonprofits, providing essential time tracking and reporting features.
  • Standard Plan: A more comprehensive plan that includes additional features like project tracking, payroll integration, and volunteer management.
  • Custom Solutions: For larger nonprofits or those with specific needs, Timesheets provides custom solutions tailored to the organization’s requirements.

Nonprofits are encouraged to contact Timesheets directly for the most current pricing information and to discuss potential discounts or special offers available to nonprofit entities.

Trial Information

Understanding the importance of finding the right fit, Timesheets offers a free trial period for organizations to explore its features and functionality. This trial typically lasts for a set number of days, providing ample time for nonprofits to assess how well Timesheets aligns with their operational needs and goals. During the trial, organizations have access to the full range of features, allowing for a thorough evaluation of the software’s impact on their time tracking and management processes.

Pro Tip
Understand Compliance Features:
Ensure the software supports compliance with relevant labor laws, including overtime, breaks, and minimum wage requirements. Features like automatic updates to comply with changing regulations can be a significant asset.

ADP Time and Attendance

ADP Time and Attendance solutions are engineered to transform how businesses track schedules, hours worked, and time off, offering a seamless transition from manual to automated time tracking. This cloud-based suite of tools not only ensures payroll accuracy and compliance but also reclaims valuable hours that can be redirected back into growing your business. Designed for organizations of all sizes, ADP’s automated solutions stand out for their integration capabilities, enhancing productivity and control across the board.

Automated Time Tracking and Scheduling

ADP® Timekeeping Plus Scheduling is tailored for small businesses seeking to control costs, ensure compliance, and boost productivity. This solution eliminates the manual and error-prone data entry process, directly improving payroll accuracy. With ADP, businesses can:

  • Ensure Right Staffing: Increase productivity by aligning daily staffing with operational needs.
  • Simplify Time Tracking: Enable employees to clock in using their computer or phone, offering flexibility and accuracy.
  • Versatile Time Tracking Options: Provide control over time tracking through shared devices, dedicated time clocks, or the ADP® Kiosk, catering to diverse business models.
  • Streamlined Scheduling: Facilitate the creation, publishing, and management of schedules online, handling time-off requests efficiently.

Integration with ADP Solutions

One of ADP Time and Attendance’s strengths is its seamless integration with ADP payroll software and other ADP solutions. This integration ensures:

  • Automatic data flow between HR, payroll, and time tracking systems.
  • Unified login credentials across ADP platforms.
  • Access to time, pay, benefits, and other information via web or mobile app, simplifying management and employee access.

Enhancing Productivity and Compliance

ADP offers scheduling tools that cater to the needs of managers and employees alike, helping to identify and address coverage gaps promptly. Its solutions offer:

  • Shift Scheduling: Transition employee schedules online with conveniences for managers and options for employees to claim open shifts.
  • Collaborative Scheduling: Enable employees to swap shifts or request coverage, enhancing flexibility and workforce satisfaction.
  • Configurable Work Rules: Simplify compliance with work policies through configurable rules like maximum daily hours.
  • Real-time Cost Calculations: Monitor budget compliance by viewing schedule costs in real-time.
  • Skill-based Scheduling: Assign tasks based on skills, certifications, or languages, ensuring job compatibility.

Diverse Clocking Options

ADP provides versatile clocking options that cater to the needs of both employers and employees, including:

  • ADP Kiosk and ADP® Time Kiosk App: These options connect directly to ADP’s payroll solutions, supported by ADP’s robust support system.
  • Biometric Log-in: Enhance security with facial recognition and fingerprint scanning.
  • Smart Buttons: Predictive actions streamline clocking processes, improving efficiency.

Pro Tip

Evaluate Reporting Capabilities: Comprehensive reporting tools can offer insights into labor costs, employee productivity, and schedule adherence. These analytics are invaluable for making informed business decisions and identifying areas for improvement.

Paychex Time and Attendance

Paychex Time and Attendance offers a holistic and integrated solution designed to streamline the process of managing time, attendance, and remote timekeeping. With Paychex Flex® Time, businesses can leverage a cloud-based system that is fully integrated with the all-encompassing platform, Paychex Flex. This integration delivers a simple, seamless experience across devices, locations, and services, helping businesses save time, reduce errors, and provide employees with the information they need.

Integrated Time Tracking and Scheduling

Paychex Flex® Time and Paychex Flex® Time Essentials present two tiers of time tracking options, tailored to fit the diverse needs of businesses. These solutions offer:

  • Time Collection Methods: Including Web Punch, Mobile App, Kiosk App with Facial Verification, Biometric Iris and Fingerscan Time Clocks, and Interactive Voice Response System. Paychex Flex® Time Essentials adds simplified options like Online Timesheets for added convenience.
  • Fully Integrated with Paychex Flex: Ensuring seamless data flow and unified management across HR, payroll, and time tracking functions.
  • Employee Self-Service: Empowering employees with administrative control, labor level transfers, and access to IP user restrictions, breaks/meals tracking, and more.
  • Time Off Management: A service that can operate standalone or be automated through integration, providing a clear, real-time view of time off balances, thereby preventing issues and reducing manual calculations.

Features That Promote Efficiency and Compliance

Paychex Flex Time enhances operational efficiency and compliance with features such as:

  • Scheduling Tools: Visual Scheduler, Schedule Templates, and Shift Swapping facilitate efficient schedule management, ensuring the right staffing levels and improving employee engagement.
  • Overtime Management: With rules and alerts for approaching overtime, helping businesses manage labor costs effectively.
  • Communication and Reporting: Including Email and Configurable Alerts, Employee Messaging, Geolocation, Geofencing, and a Manager Dashboard for comprehensive oversight.
  • Comprehensive Integration: Complete integration with Payroll and HR streamlines operations, ensuring data consistency and reducing administrative workload.

Compliance and Cost Control

Paychex Time and Attendance solutions offer worry-free compliance and cost control by integrating fully with Payroll & HR, providing online employee self-service, and ensuring reliability and support. Features such as real-time updates, easy access to data, and compliance peace of mind make Paychex a valuable asset for businesses aiming to optimize their time and attendance management.

Access Time and Attendance From Anywhere

With Paychex, businesses and employees gain the flexibility to access time and attendance features from anywhere. Key offerings include:

  • Mobile Access: Through the Paychex Flex app, employees can punch in and out, request time off, and view schedules from any location.
  • Facial Verification and Geofencing: Enhance security and ensure accurate location tracking for clock-ins and clock-outs.
  • Mileage Calculator and Calendar Integration: Simplify mileage tracking and synchronize work schedules with personal calendars for enhanced convenience.

Pro Tip

Consider Scalability: As your business grows, your time and attendance system should be able to grow with you. Assess the software’s scalability in terms of adding new users, locations, and functionality over time.


Deputy stands as the premier software for scheduling, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to simplify the management of employee time and attendance. Renowned for its accurate employee timesheet software and user-friendly app, Deputy enables businesses to effortlessly track employee hours, automate pay calculations, and seamlessly integrate timesheet data with payroll systems. Its capacity for real-time attendance viewing and easy timesheet verification positions Deputy as a vital tool for businesses looking to streamline their scheduling and payroll processes.

Feature Overview

Accurate Digital Timesheets: Employees can clock in and out using Deputy, generating accurate digital timesheets that eliminate the need for chaotic paper tracking.

Timesheet Verification: With options for GPS location stamps or facial recognition, Deputy ensures that timesheets are verified, showing that staff were in the right place at the right time.

Automated Pay Calculations: Deputy can calculate wages for every shift in accordance with local laws or employment contracts, including complex factors like overtime and varying rates for different roles.

Break Compliance: The software allows for the planning and tracking of meal or rest breaks, ensuring compliance and staff wellbeing.

Real-Time Attendance: Supervisors can see who’s working, who’s late, and who’s on break in real time, thanks to the app’s live update feature.

Dynamic Reports: Deputy provides dynamic reporting capabilities, allowing managers to compare scheduled hours against actual timesheet hours and wage costs against sales.

Payroll Integrations: The platform integrates seamlessly with various payroll systems, simplifying the export of timesheet data to payroll with just a click.


Deputy offers a transparent and accessible pricing model that caters to businesses of all sizes. While specific pricing details are best obtained directly from Deputy’s website due to potential updates and variations based on features or regional markets, the company promotes a “use Deputy for free” option. This free version is designed to give businesses a taste of Deputy’s capabilities without any financial commitment, no credit card required.

Free Trial Specifics

Deputy encourages businesses to experience its software firsthand through a free version of the platform, which includes core features necessary for effective time and attendance management. This approach allows potential users to evaluate the software’s compatibility with their operational needs without upfront costs. For businesses considering an upgrade to access additional features, Deputy’s policy of no credit card required for the initial free version ensures a risk-free trial experience.

Pro Tip

Check for Real-time Alerts: Real-time notifications can alert managers to issues as they happen, such as late clock-ins, missed breaks, or approaching overtime limits. This allows for immediate action to address concerns and maintain compliance.

When I Work

When I Work is recognized as a solid scheduling and time management solution, especially for the retail and restaurant sectors. Its online time clock app, equipped with GPS for accurate clock-ins and clock-outs across devices, makes it an invaluable tool for businesses aiming to save time on tracking employee hours. When I Work’s straightforward, easy-to-use software streamlines attendance, break management, and time-off tracking, all while controlling costs with integrated pay rules and schedule coordination.


Online & Mobile Time Clock: Allows employees to clock in and out from any device, turning smartphones, tablets, or computers into a digital time clock with GPS tracking for precise location verification.

Timesheet Integration with Payroll: Timesheets directly integrate with popular payroll providers like Gusto and Paychex, facilitating quick export and processing of payroll, reducing errors and administrative workload.

Labor Cost Management: Features like labor budgeting and overtime prevention help businesses manage and control labor costs effectively, directly from a phone or other mobile devices.

Timesheet Editing and Approval: Streamlines the process of verifying and approving timesheets, reducing errors and ensuring payroll accuracy.

Break Management: Automates the planning and tracking of employee breaks, ensuring compliance with labor laws.

Real-Time Payroll Processing: Offers instant payroll processing capabilities, eliminating the need for syncing or importing data, thereby showcasing the true labor costs at all times.

GPS Clock In: Enhances attendance management with real-time visibility and control, ensuring employees clock in and out from authorized locations only.

Timesheet Approval & Employee Absenteeism Management: Allows for quick audit and approval of timesheets, increasing accountability with missed clock-in alerts, and facilitating immediate corrections from any device.

Photo Clock In: Helps eliminate buddy punching and increases employee accountability by requiring a photo at clock-in, further ensuring accurate labor cost management.


When I Work provides a flexible pricing model designed to cater to the unique needs of retail and restaurant businesses, among others. Detailed pricing information is available upon request, as When I Work encourages potential users to explore their solutions through a free trial. This approach enables businesses to assess the software’s features and compatibility with their operations without any upfront financial commitment.

Free Trial Specifics

When I Work offers a “Start my free trial” option, allowing businesses to use the software for free, with no credit card required for sign-up. This trial enables users to fully explore When I Work’s time clock and scheduling capabilities, experience the ease of integrating timesheets with payroll, and evaluate the software’s impact on labor cost control and overall operational efficiency.

Pro Tip

Assess Support and Training: High-quality customer support and comprehensive training resources are vital for a smooth implementation and ongoing usage. Ensure the provider offers the level of support your business might need, including tutorials, customer service, and technical assistance.


OnTheClock stands out as the most budget-friendly option in the time and attendance software market. Embraced by over 15,000 companies and 125,000 employees, it offers a streamlined online time clock solution designed to simplify timekeeping and payroll processes. The platform is celebrated for its ease of use, accurate time tracking, and seamless payroll integration, saving businesses hundreds of hours a year while improving timecard and payroll accuracy.


Effortless Clocking: Employees can clock in and out using mobile devices, tablets, or the web, with enhanced security features like fingerprint sign-in and GPS control to ensure on-site presence.

Accurate Time Tracking: Automatically calculates regular, overtime, and PTO hours, eliminating timesheet errors and payroll mistakes.

Simplified Time Off Tracking: Enables employees to submit time off requests directly to managers for approval, with PTO totals automatically updated on timesheets.

Easy Shift Scheduling: Offers a drag-and-drop interface for quick scheduling and instant notification to employees about their schedules.

Automatic Payroll Integration: Integrates with popular payroll services like Gusto and QuickBooks, making payroll processing straightforward and efficient.

World-Class Support: OnTheClock provides exceptional support and intuitive features, ensuring a minimal learning curve for both employees and managers.

Pricing Details

OnTheClock’s pricing model is particularly attractive for small to medium-sized businesses, offering a fair and transparent structure that allows companies to improve their organization and professionalism as they grow. While specific pricing details are best obtained directly from OnTheClock due to potential updates and customization options, the platform has been noted for its affordability and value, providing a cost-effective solution without compromising on functionality.

Users have praised OnTheClock for its flexibility, ease of understanding, and the significant time savings it offers when managing payroll — reporting that payroll preparation time can be reduced to less than 15 minutes a week. This efficiency, combined with the system’s affordability, makes OnTheClock an ideal choice for businesses looking to optimize their time tracking and payroll processes without a substantial financial investment.

Pro Tip

Security is Key: Given the sensitive nature of time and attendance data, prioritize software with robust security measures, including data encryption, secure login procedures, and compliance with data protection regulations. This safeguards your employees’ information and your business from potential breaches.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is a comprehensive tool designed to elevate team performance through its suite of data-driven features. With a focus on optimizing efficiency and driving revenue, Time Doctor offers actionable insights that enable businesses to work smarter. It’s particularly suitable for teams looking for enhanced reporting, greater accountability, and advanced workday analytics, including remote, hybrid, or in-office workers.


Automated Time Tracking: Simplifies the time tracking process by eliminating manual entry, thereby increasing timesheet accuracy and providing peace of mind that teams are working on the right tasks.

Productivity Analytics: Offers deep insights into inefficiencies, process weaknesses, and coaching needs, allowing for better cost control and process improvement.

Offline Tracking & Internet Connectivity Report: Enables employees to account for all time worked, even offline, and helps identify hardware or connectivity issues affecting productivity.

User-Controlled Desktop App & Silent Tracking: Empowers employees with a non-intrusive app that allows them to self-manage without disrupting daily routines.

Web and App Usage Analysis: Identifies productive work patterns and areas for improvement by analyzing website and application usage.

Project and Task Management: Keeps businesses updated on project progress and the amount of time spent on tasks, facilitating better management and efficiency.

Client Login Access & Custom Data Exports: Builds client trust through custom access to progress reports and updates, and allows for the creation of tailored reports to meet specific operational needs.

Employee Monitoring & Ethical Video Screen Recording: Provides real-time visibility of employee activity, ensuring compliance with local laws and offering proof of work.

Workforce Management: Enhances visibility and accountability, identifies engagement issues, and automates admin tasks to focus on strategic initiatives.

Integration with Over 60+ Third-party Tools: Collects productivity data in one centralized tool through Chrome and Firefox extensions, integrating seamlessly with everyday work tools.


Time Doctor offers three pricing tiers to accommodate different business needs:

  • Basic: At $5.9 per user/month (billed annually), or $7 month-to-month, this plan is ideal for teams requiring enhanced reporting and greater accountability.
  • Standard: Priced at $8.4 per user/month (billed annually), or $10 month-to-month, designed for teams in need of advanced workday analytics.
  • Premium: At $16.7 per user/month (billed annually), or $20 month-to-month, perfect for enterprise teams seeking customizable analytics and flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is time and attendance software?

Time and attendance software is a digital solution designed to track and manage employee work hours, attendance, breaks, and time off. It replaces traditional time-tracking methods, such as manual timesheets or punch clocks, with automated systems that can include biometric verification, mobile apps, and web-based clock-ins.

How does time and attendance software improve payroll accuracy?

By automating the tracking of work hours, overtime, and time off, time and attendance software minimizes human error in payroll processing. It ensures employees are paid accurately for the time they’ve worked, aligns with local labor laws, and simplifies the payroll process by integrating directly with payroll systems.

Can time and attendance software help with remote or hybrid teams?

Yes, modern time and attendance software is equipped with features like GPS tracking, mobile apps, and offline tracking capabilities, making it ideal for managing remote or hybrid workforces. It provides visibility into employee work hours and productivity, regardless of location.

What are the key features to look for in time and attendance software?

Key features include automated time tracking, payroll integration, scheduling tools, time off management, compliance with labor laws, real-time reporting, and analytics. Advanced options may include biometric clock-ins, mobile access, GPS tracking, and custom report generation.

How does time and attendance software handle time off requests?

Most time and attendance systems allow employees to submit time off requests through the software. Managers can then approve or deny these requests based on availability and workforce needs. Approved time off is automatically reflected in the employee’s timesheet and payroll calculations.

Can time and attendance software integrate with my existing payroll system?

Many time and attendance solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of payroll systems. This integration facilitates the automatic transfer of accurate work hours data into the payroll system, streamlining the payroll process and reducing administrative work.

Is time and attendance software difficult to implement?

The complexity of implementation can vary based on the software chosen and the size of your business. However, many providers offer cloud-based solutions that are user-friendly, with minimal setup required. Providers typically offer support and training to ensure a smooth transition.

How does time and attendance software support compliance with labor laws?

By accurately tracking work hours, breaks, overtime, and ensuring proper compensation, time and attendance software helps businesses comply with labor regulations. Many systems can be configured to alert managers about potential compliance issues, such as missed breaks or overtime limits.

What is the cost of time and attendance software?

Pricing can vary widely depending on the provider, the number of employees, and the features included. Some providers offer a basic free version, while others charge a monthly subscription fee per user. It’s essential to contact the provider directly for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

How secure is time and attendance software?

Reputable time and attendance software providers prioritize security to protect sensitive employee data. Look for features like encryption, secure data storage, and compliance with privacy laws. Additionally, biometric options and secure login methods add an extra layer of security to the system.

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