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How Our Clock-In & Clock-Out Work Hours Timer Works

This timer allows you to track work hours and break times. It includes buttons to start and pause work, manage break times, and reset the timer. Your work and break times are displayed on the screen.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Work Hours Timer

  1. Starting and Pausing Work

    • Start Work:
      • Click the “Start Work” button to begin tracking your work hours.
      • The timer in the “Time Worked” section will start counting.
      • You can only start work if you are not currently working or on a break.
    • Pause Work:
      • Click the “Pause Work” button to pause the work timer.
      • This stops the work timer and records the elapsed time.
      • You can resume work by clicking “Start Work” again.

    Managing Break Times

    • Start Break:
      • Click the “Start Break” button to begin your break.
      • This pauses the work timer and starts the break timer.
      • You can only start a break if you are currently working.
    • End Break:
      • Click the “End Break” button to end your break.
      • This stops the break timer and resumes the work timer.
      • The time spent on the break is recorded.

    Viewing and Resetting Timers

    • View Time Records:
      • Check the “Time Records for Today” section to see detailed timestamps for when you started and paused work or took a break.
      • The total time worked and total time on break for the day are also displayed.
    • Reset Work:
      • Click the “Reset Work” button to reset all timers and records.
      • This clears the current and total times for work and break.
      • Use this at the end of the day or when you want to start tracking from scratch.


    • The timer keeps track of your work and break times even if you pause and resume work multiple times.
    • The “Reset Work” button is disabled while you are working or on a break to prevent accidental resets.
    • Ensure to end your break using the “End Break” button before resuming work for accurate time tracking.

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