Facial Clocking & Attendance System

Touch-Free Biometric Attendance System Using Facial Recognition

Transform virtually any mobile device into a highly accurate facial recognition timekeeping tool, designed to enhance accuracy in attendance tracking and effectively prevent buddy punching.

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Streamlining Operations with Touchless Efficiency

Experience the future of workforce management with TimeTrex’s state-of-the-art, touchless facial recognition system. Engineered for unparalleled efficiency, our system revolutionizes the way employees register time, allowing them to clock in and out effortlessly with just a glance. This cutting-edge technology significantly reduces the need for manual time entries, streamlining your operations and saving valuable time.

Turn Almost Any Mobile Device into a Biometric Time Clock

TimeTrex revolutionizes timekeeping by transforming any device into a sophisticated biometric facial recognition time clock and attendance system. This innovative approach means that the power of TimeTrex’s advanced technology can be harnessed through a variety of devices, from mobile phones to tablets, adapting to the diverse and dynamic needs of modern workplaces. The emphasis is on versatility and convenience, allowing businesses to utilize existing devices, thereby reducing the need for specialized equipment.

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Stop Buddy Punching Among Employees

Discover the next level of time management with TimeTrex’s advanced facial recognition time clocks. This system promptly verifies employee identities with a quick glance, utilizing sophisticated facial feature analysis for rapid and reliable confirmation. This innovative system effectively stops costly buddy punching and ensures precise time tracking. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, employee facial data is transformed into secure algorithms, stored as encrypted digital codes, and not as photographic images, heightening security and privacy. TimeTrex’s facial clocking technology is not just a deterrent against time theft but a streamlined solution for efficient workforce management, marking a new era in attendance systems.

A Better Facial Clocking in System

TimeTrex’s biometric time clock system revolutionizes workplace efficiency with its user-friendly and hygienic approach, replacing traditional fingerprint, iris scan, and hand reader systems. Its swift and dependable technology verifies an employee’s identity in mere seconds through facial recognition, eliminating the need for time cards, badges, keys, or PIN numbers. This innovative solution offers a seamless and more sanitary alternative for time tracking in the modern workplace.

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Seamless Connectivity

The TimeTrex employee time clock, both online and offline, offers an unparalleled level of convenience and efficiency. Engineered for reliability, the TimeTrex face recognition biometric time clock intelligently detects Internet availability, automatically shifting to offline mode during network interruptions. This ensures uninterrupted functionality for employees at the facial time and attendance system, as it securely stores all employee punches and transactions in its memory, ready to sync once the Internet connection is restored. This feature guarantees a consistently efficient and hassle-free time tracking experience. Although TimeTrex handles all your time and attendance internally with integrated payroll and HR management, it also has a robust API cross-platform integration. The system boasts impeccable compatibility, integrating smoothly with popular payroll platforms like QuickBooks®, Paychex®, ADP®, and others. For a more complete list of software TimeTrex already syncs to, visit our integrations page.

Geolocation Time Tracking: Smart, Simple, and Secure

Elevate your time tracking with TimeTrex’s geolocation smart tracking. By utilizing employees’ own cellphones, our system makes clocking in and out straightforward and reliable. This approach ensures that your team is on-site when they’re on the clock, bringing a new level of trust and transparency to your workplace. It’s a hassle-free solution that respects privacy while providing the accuracy you need. With TimeTrex, managing time and attendance becomes a seamless part of the workday, not a chore. Get ready for a smarter way to monitor attendance, where convenience and confidence go hand in hand.

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