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Military Time Conversion Chart

Military Time Standard Time
0000 12:00 AM
0100 1:00 AM
0200 2:00 AM
0300 3:00 AM
0400 4:00 AM
0500 5:00 AM
0600 6:00 AM
0700 7:00 AM
0800 8:00 AM
0900 9:00 AM
1000 10:00 AM
1100 11:00 AM
1200 12:00 PM
1300 1:00 PM
1400 2:00 PM
1500 3:00 PM
1600 4:00 PM
1700 5:00 PM
1800 6:00 PM
1900 7:00 PM
2000 8:00 PM
2100 9:00 PM
2200 10:00 PM
2300 11:00 PM

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What is Military Time?

Military time, or the 24-hour clock, is a time format where the day runs from midnight to midnight, divided into 24 hours. Unlike the 12-hour clock system, which splits the day into AM and PM, military time counts the hours from 00 to 23. This method is not just crucial in military contexts but also in fields like aviation, healthcare, and IT, where precision is key.

This method of timekeeping is prevalent worldwide, except in a few countries including the US, Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, Egypt, and Australia. The 24-hour format aligns with ISO 8601 international standards, which aim to provide clear and precise date and time communication.

Why Use Military Time?

US Timekeeping Law and Military Time:

How does military time differ from the standard US 12-hour clock?
The US typically uses a 12-hour format, dividing the day into two periods:

First period — from midnight (12:00 a.m.) to noon (12:00 p.m.)
Second period — from noon (12:00 p.m.) to midnight (12:00 a.m.)
Examples in the standard US format:
1:00 a.m. — One hour after midnight
3:30 p.m. — Half past three in the afternoon
The abbreviations “a.m.” and “p.m.” stand for the Latin terms Ante meridiem (before noon) and Post meridiem (after noon), respectively.

Conversely, the 24-hour clock uses a unique number for each hour of the day, starting with 00:00 for midnight.

The hours from midnight to 12:59 p.m. in the 24-hour clock match those in the 12-hour format, minus the AM/PM indicators. After 12:59 p.m., the hour count continues, turning 1:00 p.m. into 13:00, 6:24 p.m. into 18:24, and so on.

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Introducing the TimeTrex Military Time Converter

Are you struggling to understand how to record military time, or curious about what a specific time looks like in military format? TimeTrex offers a tool that simplifies the process of converting military time to standard time and vice versa.

Transform the way you read and report time with our Military Time Converter. This tool is your easy solution for converting between standard AM/PM time and 24-hour military format.

Key Features:

How It Works:

Global Significance of the 24-Hour Clock

The 24-hour clock format, synonymous with military time, is not just a military standard but a global one. Its adoption extends far beyond the armed forces, encompassing various fields like aviation, healthcare, emergency services, and international business. This format is particularly vital in operations where precision and unambiguous communication are paramount.

Key Differences:

Universal Application:

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Aligning with International Standards: ISO 8601

The use of military time aligns with the ISO 8601 international standard, which advocates for clear and precise date and time formats. This standardization plays a crucial role in ensuring consistency in time reporting, especially in data management and international relations.

ISO 8601 Compliance:


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