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Overtime is calculated when over 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week, whichever comes first.

Overtime calculated at 1.5x hourly rate.

Monday 0.00
Tuesday 0.00
Wednesday 0.00
Thursday 0.00
Friday 0.00
Saturday 0.00
Sunday 0.00

Regular Hours: 0.00

Overtime Hours: 0.00

Overtime Pay: 0.00

Total Gross Pay: 0.00

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Overtime Calculation

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Ensure Your Paycheck is Accurate with Our Easy Time Card Calculator

Navigating through your paycheck details can be challenging. That’s where our Time Card Calculator comes in – it’s the tool every employee needs to ensure their paychecks are correct. Simple and intuitive, this calculator helps you independently verify the hours you’ve worked, including any overtime. It’s designed with you in mind, offering an easy way to cross-check your work hours against your payroll, bringing clarity and peace of mind.

Take Control of Your Overtime Hours with Our Easy-to-Use Time Calculator

Our Time Card Calculator empowers you to take control of your overtime and gross pay. Whether you’re part-time or full-time, this tool makes it easy to calculate your work hours, ensuring that you’re being paid accurately for every hour worked. It’s perfect for double-checking your timesheet against your paycheck, giving you the confidence that you’re receiving the correct pay. User-friendly and precise, our calculator is a must-have for every employee keen on managing their work hours effectively.

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